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              I would like to share amazing news with you:

1,500 Horses are free now, we made it!
          Horse Drawn Carriages BANNED on Prince's Island  !

The project that I was the official advisor for in Istanbul (working with Ekrem Imamoglu, the Mayor of Istanbul) ended and starting October 1st, the horse-drawn carriages ARE BANNED in the Prince’s Islands!! It was all over the news in Turkey on Saturday!


Starting October 1st, like I presented to the mayor and his team, electric cars will replace the horse-drawn carriages. The whole transportation system will change and the owners of the horse-drawn carriages will continue their businesses with the electric cars. The 1500 horses on the island used for the horse-drawn carriages will be taken to government lands to finally live the rest of their lives in peace. 



Here's an article on it but it's in Turkish (the title translates to: the horse-drawn carriages on the islands are going down in history) : 

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